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mere anarchy [entries|friends|calendar]
We all fall down.

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Radio INDIEVIDOOM [28 May 2007|09:39am]

VOOKstock presents: Radio INDIEVIDOOM (East European Indie, Alternative, Electronic, Psychedelic, Dub, Folk, Ethno & other music):

Link for Winamp -
fight the masses

[31 Jul 2004|11:03pm]

eviljazz eviljazz eviljazz

first five get in free

fight the masses

[19 Jun 2004|11:32pm]

look! look! stand_defiant
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i am lois [19 Jun 2004|11:28pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

[name] Lois
[sex] the worst kind. Female
[age] 17ish
[location] nottingham
[bands] radiohead, muse, aqualung, damien rice, the shoeless wonders
[interesting fact] i have odd ears. is that interesting, or just... a fact
[random quote/fact]Dont say doing your wife, dont say doing your wife.... Doing your.... son?
[photo] erm.... i have no recent photos, ok so i do. if u want one.... http://img30.photobucket.com/albums/v90/Fairynuff/tis%20me/736a56d7.jpg theres the side of my head... feel free to look around my site too


cheese on moosefishbread

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hello : ) [18 Jun 2004|06:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

[name] Kate
[sex] girl
[age] 15
[location] SW Florida
[bands] Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse, the Pixies, Stabbing Westward, the Doors, Radiohead, NIN...and so on...
[interesting fact]after 72 hours of sleep deprivation qualifies you for clinical insanity

fight the masses

[17 Jun 2004|11:31am]


fight the masses

[16 Jun 2004|12:23am]


Cool site.
fight the masses

Looking for submissions for streaming indie film site, check out unknown Spike Jonze music video [07 Jun 2004|09:30pm]

fight the masses

she's a white girl......but i'm living with a white girl [30 May 2004|09:42pm]

[ mood | prude, jude, nude ]

i'm not feeling quite myself right now and so what do i do? i get on livejournal, that's what. i just watched the movie "following" and i liked it very much. i recently got my wisdom teeth out and so i am under the influence of vicodin and naproxen, and i'm not too unhappy about that. i was recently called a "bitchy melodramatic whore" and i take great pride in that. in all actuality, i'm far from a whore. in my ripe, old age, i've yet to kiss a boy (or girl) and i'm quite familiar with the term "sexual frustration."
let me tell you my philosophy on sexuality.
i'm not straight. i'm not gay, either, nor am i bi-sexual.
you can't control who you fall in love with.
i've liked girls and boys.
though i am usually attracted to boys, i have liked girls, and i'm open to any relationship, regardless of gender or any other superficial factors.
i once loved (and i'm just tossing the word around) this girl with a hole in her face and she smoked camels. i loved this boy who loved himself and other boys and girls and was the very first person to really break my heart. once, a boy and i went out, not alone, listened to morrissey and he hated right-wing politics. so do i.
i tried on prom dresses with my best friend and i look like a little boy.
the other night, my friends and i took trampoline pictures and i realized just how much i look like a little boy.
i act like it's funny but it's not, because i'm neither little nor a boy. and it upsets me to some extent, but at least i'm not fat.
i really don't like some christians, and i'm just not sorry if that upsets you. that doesn't mean i hate all christians, but i don't understand them at all.
please don't think less of me for that statement.
i'm out of it. so i'm going to go to bed.

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[30 May 2004|11:18pm]

[name] sora.
[sex] girl.
[age] 16
[location] south korea.
[bands] milemarker, the appleseed cast, gogogo airheart, stars as eyes, ted leo & the pharmacists, mohinder, les savy fav, spoon, explosions in the sky
[interesting fact] i read encyclopedias in my spare time.
[random quote/fact] when deprived of food, octopus will eat their own legs.
[photo] my face and such Collapse )
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